Portrait II.


Born in a small village, called Nagymágocs in Hungary. He spends most of his chilhood in the nearby castle park where the park's fauna inspired him for further moves.
An old teacher taught him to draw and dangled by and old monk for an early exhibition.
These experiences are still part of his current work.


He attends secondary school in Csongrád where he starts working with woods. A small club is also created by him -and with their classmates- to experiment what a wood can look like.


Moves to Sopron (West region in Hungary) to start the Timber university. Besides the college and study he spends his spare time with drawings and creating furnitures.


Starts working in a huge furniture company as an engineer. But realizes soon that this type of industry is not his type, so short after starts his own workshop.


The first exhibition is held at Csongrád, containing the very first sculptures and furnitures. Several other ones follow in the nearby cities.


Moves to the capital, Budapest where he starts working at the national Opera House as a scene-engineer.


Builds his own log-house where he also makes the first step to an independent workshop.


With his former classmate, they start producing individual furnitures for orders.


The first sculpture-furniture was born for the international Möbel-Messe Cologne, where he exhibits firstly from the Eastern-European region in the Avantgarde pavilion.
Since then, he attented almost fifty other exhibitions mainly in Hungary and across Europe. He is a member of the MAOE (National Association of Hungarian Artists) and founding member of the Society of Hungarian Interior Designers.


Workshop II.